Who Will Take Care Of The Children?


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Many people will recall the all of communism in Eastern Europe in the early 1990s and the images of malnourished and ill-treated children in decrepit orphanages in Romania and Bulgaria. Large numbers of these children died from neglect and some were adopted abroad. Many others grew up in institutional care.

More than twenty years on, many of these children are now adults but they remain hidden away from society in grim intstitutions, with no access to education, therapy or many of the most basic human rights.

The United Nations Convention on Disability recognizes the equal right of all persons with disabilities to live in the community, with choices equal to others. These rights are still denied to disabled people in many countries within the EU.

“Who Will Take Care of the Children” was written by Charlie McGettigan and John Mulligan in order to highlight the continuing lack of progress on this issue in Europe. The song is available as a download on iTunes and all proceeds will be donated to organisations that work to remove disabled adults from institutions and help them to adjust to life in normal society.



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