Dust If You Must


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One day, I was browsing online when I came across a poem that I was absorbed by. It was called “Dust If You Must” and labelled “Author Unknown”. I instantly heard music in the words and set about developing the poem into a song. i added a chorus and a bridge, changed a word or two and I was delighted with the result. However, I knew nothing further could be done without tracking down the author of the original poem.

I put a shout out on Facebook, where I had found the poem and after a few weeks someone contacted me to say that the author was Rose Milligan, a woman in her eighties from Lancaster in England. They also had her phone number. After chatting to this delightful woman on the phone I sent her a CD of the song and spent the next week biting my nails, waiting for her approval.

I need not have worried. Rose told me she loved the song and gave her approval to record it. I was thrilled. Thank you rose. Here it is, my new single, “Dust If You Must”. I hope you enjoy it too.


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