NEW SINGLE: “Dust If You Must”

Tuesdays With Paul, currently penciled for February 2018 release will be Charlie’s 10th album. Recorded with his good friend Paul Gurney at Real World Studios in Longford, the guys meeting on Tuesdays to chat about the album, in pre-production, and then record.

It was a special time, with friends coming together to make a record both are equally proud of. ‘Dust If You Must’, is the first single to be shared from the record. The sentiment behind the song is, at its least, thought provoking, and in doing so subjective. This writer finds it both beautiful and moving.

You can download, or hear a sample from the song, directly from this website at: Dust If You Must

Dust If You Must

One day I was browsing online when I came across a poem that I was absolutely absorbed by.  It was called Dust If You Must and labelled Author unknown.  I instantly heard music in the words and set about developing the poem into a song.  I added a chorus, a bridge, changed a word or two and was delighted with the result.  However, I knew nothing further could be done without tracking down the author of the original poem.

I put a shout out on Facebook, where I had first seen the poem and after a few weeks someone contacted me to say the author was Rose Milligan, a woman in her eighties from Lancaster in England.  They also had her phone number.  After chatting to this delightful woman on the phone I sent her a CD of the song and spent the next weeks biting my nails, waiting for her approval. 

I need not have worried.  Rose told me she loved the song and gave her approval to record it.  I was thrilled.  I’ve already played it at some concerts and the audiences enjoyed it.  Thank you Rose.  Here it is, my new single, Dust If You Must.  I hope you enjoy it too.

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